Fans worried about Road Wave after publishing a suicide song, and his account was disabled on social media

Fans of the rising hip-hop star (Roadwave) have woken up to alarm after posting a song that sparks fear of Rodwave’s suicide late at night on the Internet.

The St. Petersburg rapper released, late Friday night, the post was deleted, and since then fans have started sharing screenshots of the songs and reposting them on YouTube, a song called “Nirvana.”

Apparently the song appears as a final letter to fans. In it, Rod Def talks about finding success and fame, but unfortunately without the happiness that Rod had hoped for.
What made the matter strange and complicated was the deactivation of Road Wave accounts on social media, and that there were no previous plans to release songs.

Perhaps the song’s most disturbing lyrics end when he says:

I’ve been like this for a while
lost when I was a child,
And my mom tells me with a smile, it’s
sick in denial,
I hope to get some help,
So what makes me a nigga explode and blow himself up


Fans showed a lot of love for him on social media and were grappling with the fact that Road Wave’s suicidal song, called “Nirvana,” might actually be a real warning.

for example

We wish you well and reassurance for your loved ones, and you do not see anything wrong with him.

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