Ezra Miller Is Being Charged With Felony Burglary

Ezra Miller Burglary

Ezra Miller Is Being Charged With Felony Burglary
Ezra Miller Is Being Charged With Felony Burglary

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The Flash star- Ezra Miller Is Being Charged With Felony Burglar, which added to their legal troubles in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and North Dakota.

Flash star Ezra Miller may be in new legal trouble.

The actor has been charged with felony burglary of an unoccupied home, allegedly stealing several bottles of alcohol from a home in Vermont.

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According to the report, Miller was charged after Vermont State Police reviewed surveillance videos and statements related to the burglary with Miller present Sunday night and ordered to appear in court for his trial in September.

Miller was finally located on August 7.
They will appear in court on September 26 to be charged with a house burglary charge.

This is the latest accusation against Miller.

They have previously been accused of housing a family with three young children in an unsafe environment on their 96-acre farm in Stamford, Vermont with the report alleging that Miller’s property had “unattended guns strewn about the house” as well as “frequent and heavy”.
Marijuana use in front of children.

Furthermore, the parents of 18-year-old Standing Rock activist, Tokata Iron Eyes, filed for protection against Miller earlier this year, alleging that the actor prepared tokata and supplied them with a high dose of LSD.

Another parent in Massachusetts also obtained a temporary restraining order against Miller after they reported threatening behavior toward a now 12-year-old who brandished a gun at the mother.

In late March, Miller was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii, and later arrested on additional charges of second-degree assault after he threw a chair at a woman in Hawaii as well.

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