Explosion ‘destroyed’ portion

Explosion 'destroyed' portion of Georgia Guidestones
Explosion ‘destroyed’ portion of Georgia Guidestones

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ELBERT COUNTY, GA – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said an explosion damaged a controversial landmark in northeastern Georgia.

The Georgia Guidestones, a granite attraction in Elbert County, are located off Guidestone Road east of Ga. Highway 77.

SKYFOX flew over the scene and saw one of the pillars reduced to rubble. The upper block also appears to have been damaged in the corner that was supported by the demolished block. It is not clear which languages ​​were present in the destroyed mass.

Investigators said unknown assailants detonated an explosive device around 4 a.m. Elbert County investigators arrived and noted that a large portion of the structure had been damaged.

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The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and the GBI Bomb Squad has responded. The Elberton Granite Association’s executive vice president, Chris Copas, said there were stationary cameras on the site that were installed due to vandalism.

He said the cameras are on at all times and back to the 911 dispatch center.

Cubas said the Elberton Granite Society has a role in preserving the guide stones. Sadness to destroy part of the monument.

“I am sad not only for Alberton and Albert County, I am sad for the United States and the world,” Cubas said.

“This was a tourist attraction, and it was not uncommon for people from all over the world to be here at any time.”

He said the relics must have been painstakingly made and it took tremendous effort to fabricate the stone blocks.