Ethan Crumpley’s parents have been charged Suspected murder at High School, Oxford.

The news about Ethan Crumpley’s parents revolves around three things: Either the student Ethan is the only one at fault, or he and his parents, or he seeks an excuse as a child who is being bullied….

Get to know with us about these events, moment by moment:

Victims of the tragic accident

The parents of the student (James and Jennifer Curmbley) accused in this week’s Oxford High School shooting were arrested early Saturday morning in Detroit, authorities said, ending an hour-long search for them after they failed to appear in court for manslaughter in the incident. .

The matter was further complicated after the couple evaded attending the trial, which was scheduled to take place on Friday afternoon. They have been taken to the jail in Oakland County, the same place where their son is being held, and could be brought to trial as early as Saturday, after someone reported to police Friday night that their car was nearby.

The couple’s lawyer, Shannon Smith, previously stated that the Crombley family had left town for their safety and had intended to turn themselves in.

White was not convinced by this justification, and there was no indication that Curmbley wanted to introduce themselves.
He added that someone had allowed the couple to enter the building on the first floor of an industrial or commercial building, and that person might receive charges for helping them.
The couple’s whereabouts were tracked by cell phone, but this signal was stopped completely because the couple’s cell phones were turned off.

Some of the charges were previously brought against the accused’s parents (James and Jennifer Curmbley) on Friday, along with four counts of manslaughter over the killing of their son Ethan on Tuesday, when four students were killed and seven other people were injured at Oxford University High School.

On Wednesday (4 December), Ethan Crumbly was charged with terrorism, murder and other charges in the Oxford shooting attack.

Very important – the role of the parents before the shooting:

They were arrested after investigations revealed on Friday the situations that led to the shooting.

These reasons are:
*- Their son posted a picture of a pistol on Instagram and wrote, “Just got my new beauty today. With a heart-eyes emoji,” MacDonald said.

*- Jennifer Curmbley also posted a photo of the gun and mentioned it as her “new Christmas gift”, and she is said to have also taken her son to a shooting range the weekend before the school shooting.

*- On (November 26th)
The student’s father, James Crumpley, purchased the weapon that authorities believe was used in the shooting from a store in Oxford, Michigan, according to the attorney general leading the case.

*- A teacher saw Ethan Crumble looking for ammunition on his phone and informed school officials, and his mother was contacted.
And Jennifer Curmbley didn’t pay attention to the school officials – but rather texted her son saying, “Lol I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught.”

*- Another teacher was upset after he drew a semi-automatic pistol.
They also found a drawing of a bullet with the words “blood everywhere”.
Some facts have changed
After the parents were called to school with a counselor and their son, he altered the drawing by scanning the drawings of the gun, along with the words, according to the attorney general in charge of the case.

*- He also found in his note the two phrases: “My life is useless” and “The world is dead.”

As a result of these actions, Crombley opened fire outside the bathroom, targeting the students as well as those who were hiding in the classroom.

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