Earthquake Rattles

Earthquake Rattles Southeast of Gilroy
Earthquake Rattles Southeast of Gilroy

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A preliminary 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck Wednesday morning just southeast of Gilroy, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The USGS said the quake, which occurred at 9:08 a.m., had its epicenter about 5.7 miles southeast of Gilroy and about 14.4 miles southeast of Morgan Hill.

The quake was only about 2.5 miles deep, according to USGS data.

No other information was immediately available. Upcoming updates.

The US Geological Survey reported a 3.1-magnitude earthquake in the United States near Gilroy, Santa Clara County, California just 7 minutes ago.

The earthquake struck on the morning of Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 9:08 a.m. local time at a very shallow depth of 2.7 miles.

The exact size, center, and depth of the earthquake may be reviewed within the next few hours or minutes as seismologists review the data and improve their calculations, or when other agencies release their reports.

Our monitoring service identified a second report from the RaspberryShake Citizen Seismograph Network that also recorded the 3.1-magnitude earthquake.

A third agency, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), reported the same 3.1-magnitude earthquake.

Include towns or cities near the epicenter where the earthquake could have been felt as a very weak tremor
Gilroy (population 53,200) located 6 miles from the epicenter, Hollister (37,500 inhabitants) 10 miles away
, Morgan Hill (population 42,900) 14 miles away
Watsonville (53,600 inhabitants) 17 miles away
, and Brundelle (17600) 18 miles away.

in Salinas (157,400, 23 miles)
Santa Cruz (64,200, 31 miles)
San Jose (1026,900, 34 miles)
, and Santa Clara (126,200, 37 miles)
He may not have felt the earthquake.