Drummer Danny Carey was arrested at Kansas City Airport


Who is drummer Danny Carey and why was he arrested? Is he out of prison now or out? Learn about these events


The famous drummer (Danny Carey), of the rock band Tool Danny Carey, was arrested at Kansas City International Airport on Sunday, December 12, 2021.


Why did the police arrest Danny Carey?

Carrie was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge, which happened after he got into an argument with an airport security guard.

It is alleged that drummer Carey pushed the security guard with two fingers in the chest several times and was telling him, “Are you crazy!” ?
The reason for the quarrel is not yet known.

By Monday, Carrey is no longer in custody and has been released on bail; the attorney general’s office has received news through an incident report and will analyze this report to determine whether he will be charged with a crime.

Who is Danny Carey, the drummer?

Danny Karibel is best known for working as a drummer in a Grammy Award winning rock band.

Carey started playing the drums at the age of 13, and this talent developed during high school and college, then he honed his skills in playing the drums and after that he continued his interests in drums until now.

(Tool), the group that Danny joined and became famous with, was formed
And it became popular all over the world, in 1990.

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