Drones spot 2 more

Drones spot 2 more bodies from Italy avalanche
Drones spot 2 more bodies from Italy avalanche

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CANAZEI, Italy — Drones spot 2 more bodies from Italy avalanche, Conditions in the Italian Alps were too unstable Wednesday for search teams and dogs to work on the mountain after a fatal weekend avalanche.

But drones spotted two bodies, raising to nine the toll of known dead.

An enormous chunk of a glacier on Marmolada mountain broke off Sunday.

Drones spot 2 more bodies from Italy avalanche, toll at 9

It sent an avalanche of ice and rocks thundering across a trail where hikers were enjoying warm, sunny weather.

Rescuers say they hope the temperature will dip Thursday, lessening the risk of more avalanches.

A prosecutor says he’s opened a formal investigation to determine if any negligence was involved.

But he says it appears the avalanche couldn’t have been anticipated.

Five people who were hiking are missing.

But authorities stressed that unless the two bodies identified by the drones were identified, it would not be clear if they were among the five whose families said they never returned from the mountain.

All missing are Italians. So far, four of the nine dead have been identified.

While hikers were enjoying their Sunday picnic in warm sunny weather, a massive section of the glacier broke off, sending an avalanche and boulders across a major hiking trail.

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Relatives of missing Italians lobbied for the recovery of the bodies of their loved ones, believed to have been buried under the avalanche.

The size of a detached glacier top was compared to an apartment building.

Trento’s public prosecutor, Sandro Raimondi, said in an interview on Wednesday via Italian state radio that he had opened an official investigation to determine whether there was any negligence.

Public Prosecution plans to consult geologists.

Last weekend, authorities said, the temperature in Marmolada exceeded 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit), which is unusually high in early summer.

Polar science experts at an Italian government-run research center have estimated that the Marmolada glacier could completely disappear within the next 25-30 years if current climate trends continue.

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