DaBaby and DaniLeigh

DaBaby kicks out his wife, DaniLeigh, and their three-month-old baby and calls the police


On Saturday morning, DaBaby and his wife DaniLeigh quarrel while feeding her three-month-old baby.
DaBaby was sharing all this with his fans on Instagram, and the audience saw this quarrel between him and his wife, and it is true that his mother called the police to expel his wife and their son from the house.

Dababi spoke about what happened on the morning of Saturday, November 15, 2012, and claimed that he was subjected to pressure, threats, screaming and beatings.

He also published a statement in which he talks about his dissatisfaction with what happened that morning, and that it was done for a reason of necessity, as he was subjected to a threat that prevented him from going, and what happened with his wife was fearing for her because of her presence in that house.

In response to what Dababi said, DaniLeigh published explaining that her husband had asked her to go, and since the birth of the girl, he wanted to leave the house, and on this day he entered the room, wishing that he would leave the house and it does not matter to where and to when…

DaniLeigh ended her speech by talking about her problems with Dababi and that he left her in her pregnancy and that he is an irresponsible person and she endured many of the problems that took place between them in the hope of a better life for her and her daughter to live with her father, but this is not the best at all.
She also apologized for listing the problems between them and that she did not want that and did not want to draw attention to him, but the situation has become very difficult.
She added that she hoped this would be the last situation between them that she had to endure.

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