Cow Makes a Run for It on Southern California Freeway

Cow Makes a Run on Southern California

Cow Makes a Run for It on Southern California Freeway
Cow Makes a Run for It on Southern California Freeway

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A frightened black cow seen running free Wednesday morning under Pomona Highway (60) in south El Monte has been captured and taken to an animal shelter, where staff were working to track down its owner.

The frightened cow struggled to avoid capture after it was finally located around 10:30 a.m. in San Angelo Park at 245 S San Angelo Ave. , a few miles from where she was first seen several hours ago, director of Baldwin Park Animal Care Center Maria Rosales told the City News Service.

The cow was on Highway 210 in the Lake View Terrace around midday.

Cow makes a Run for it on Southern California Highway، Streets and Stairs

Animal control officers slowed behind the animal as it exited the highway onto the streets.

Traffic on the highway was stopped for an unusually slow chase.

Then the cow entered a commercial strip parking lot where it evaded the officers, one of them carrying a moving rope, before the biggest surprise of a strange chase. She climbed a flight of stairs to escape her pursuers.

Rosales said the cow was also spotted around 6 a.m., but animal control officers lost it until it reached the park.

Rosales said the cow was resting, eating and drinking at the Baldwin Park Shelter while animal care staff used the information on its ear tag to identify its owner.

Eventually, the cow made its way to what appeared to be a farm property where it was disputed.

She said they did not rule out the possibility that the cow came from the same Pico Rivera slaughterhouse where 40 cows escaped about a week ago.

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