Conservative pastor, book burning event targeting Harry Potter and Twilight

Conservative pastor book burning

Conservative pastor,  book-burning event targeting Harry Potter and Twilight
Conservative pastor, book-burning event targeting Harry Potter and Twilight

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As debates over book bans and critical race theory rage across the country, a Tennessee pastor has encouraged his followers to pursue a different set of titles: Burning Acts from the Harry Potter and Twilight series, as well as other supposedly obscure material.

The Book Burning Commences in Texas
Conservative pastor book burning

Greg Lock of the Global Vision Bible Church in the town of Mount Juliet, outside of Nashville, hosted congregants Wednesday for a book burning.

Last October, Representative Matt Krause (Q-Hasselt) published a list of 850 books he wants to ban from Texas schools and libraries.

He was then looking to run for attorney general, though Louis Gummert’s entry in the AG race in late November prompted Krause to run for Tarrant County (Fort Worth) attorney instead.

Last week, the Tennessee school board voted to remove the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, about the Polish experience of the Holocaust, from its curriculum, alarming advocates and educators across the country.

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The burning and banning of books in Tennessee is also part of a larger cultural battle being waged in the American school about the kinds of subjects appropriate to teach young people.

Greg Locke’s zealots set fire to sacred millennial texts like Harry Potter and Twilight

Last week, McMinn County made news when the school board voted to ban the beloved graphic novel Maus — a Holocaust story told with anthropomorphic mice and cats — due to instances of swear words and nudity.

While the vote took place in early January, it spread following a report from TN Holler.

Last night, Mount Juliet pastor and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist, Greg Locke, decided to make things better by organizing the burning of old-fashioned books.

The books featured millennial staples like Harry Potter and Twilight – blows from the early Augusts targeted by the burning Christian books of the day.

Before the event, encourage them to bring their copies of popular fantasy books, as well as “tarot cards, Ouija boards, healing crystals, idols, spell books and everything else related to magic.”

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