Collapse at stadium in Colombia

Collapse at stadium in Colombia, At least 4 dead, 30 seriously injured
Collapse at stadium in Colombia, At least 4 dead, 30 seriously injured

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At least four people were killed and about 30 others seriously injured after a section of a stadium in El Espinal, western Colombia‘s Tolima state, collapsed during a bullfight Sunday, the state’s governor said.

“At this moment, we have four confirmed (dead) victims – two women, an adult man and a minor – as well as about 30 people who are seriously injured.

Of course, we’ve activated all the hospitals and ambulances we can work with,” Governor Ricardo Orozco said on BluRadio Colombia, a local radio outlet.

The mayor of Espinal, Juan Carlos Tamayo, confirmed the accident in a Facebook post Sunday, calling on citizens to evacuate the area.

“We deeply regret what happened at the bullring,” Tamayo said in the statement. “I want to ask all citizens in the area to evacuate, the authorities are already responding to the emergency and the injured have been taken to hospitals.

Please, let’s evacuate, let’s together help the emergency services so they can do their job.”

The Colombian civil defense authority, Defensa Civil Colombiana, said on Twitter that volunteers had taken the injured to medical facilities in the area.

And published pictures showing people on stretchers in the corridors and squares.

Local councilor Ivan Verne Rojas posted a video on Twitter showing the collapse. Screams can be heard in the background of the footage as the three-tiered structure falls inward.

The video shows that the platform was apparently full of people as it crashed. Others on the ground run as the Temple falls toward them.

An official reason for the collapse was not revealed, but Tamayo said in his statement that the authorities “have already begun to investigate the causes of what happened.”

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