Woman falls, overboard from Carnival cruise ship off coast , of Mexico

Woman falls overboard from Carnival cruise ship off coast of Mexico With suspicions about the accident

 Carnival Cruise, Passenger Says 'High Suspicion of Foul Play
Woman Falls Overboard on Carnival Cruise, Passenger Says ‘High Suspicion of Foul Play’

Woman falls overboard on cruise ship in Southern California, Coast Guard says at the time

A woman who has fallen into the sea from a cruise ship is being sought off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico, about 80 miles south of San Diego.

Carnival Miracle passengers reported a “fallen woman” in the morning, whose identity has not yet been publicly known. The woman fell from her balcony in her living room onto that ship.

Coast Guard officials said their crews from the US Coast as well as the Mexican Navy are working together to try to locate the woman’s fall.

The ship’s departure from Long Beach may take place on Thursday
The ship stopped at about 3:30 in the morning, and the crew threw a lifeboat into the water to search for a fallen woman.

Which caused many people to feel anxious for the lives of individuals, it is very likely that this woman will not be found, wishing her safety.

* Crews in charge of the Mexican Navy are searching for the whereabouts of the woman, who appears to be in her twenties.
* The FBI was ready to assist as it waited for the ship to dock at Long Beach to assist in its investigation and search efforts.

* In addition to the presence of a crew around the deck of the ship who searched around the ship to ascertain whether someone had gone out in the water or not.
And they had lights in the water to make it easier to see, but it was very dark.”

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