Carmelo Anthony_ knows the Lakers are still in pain right now

Carmelo Anthony is a professional player that proved more than once a reason for his continuation in the league

Carmelo Anthony Born May 84, a professional basketball player for the Lakers, was named one of the 57 greatest players in NBA history.
On the evening of Monday, November 9, 2021, Carmelo participated in a match against the Hornets.

The Lakers’ game against the Charlotte Hornets was leading a very heated game, and although he could have taken the reins most of the time in the game.
However, he did not seize it, but with that, Carmelo Anthony shone and was the star of the evening.

Carmelo Anthony talked about his efforts in the match and his role as a player and he shows a lot of self-confidence, his love to play and his perseverance to seize the win.

Carmelo scored in 37 minutes of playing:
29 points, and 4 to 5 in free throws.

Anthony talked about the importance of everyone on his team and the importance of being healthy.
He also talked about his dedication to work and seizing any opportunity to pay,

and his ability to adapt to the requirements of his team.
Carmelo Anthony knows the Lakers are still precarious these days, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis out.

“Well, we have to get everyone back first,” Anthony said modestly which credits him with why he’s still in the league.
“For the most part, we’ll take it one day, one game at a time, day in and day out. Learn from tonight, get better.”

This is a very important time for the Lakers as Los Angeles has a significant number of rookies.
And if they lose games, they can’t go back again, but last but not least the Lakers have done well.

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