Campbell fire

Campbell fire, Vacant commercial building bursts into flames
Campbell fire, Vacant commercial building bursts into flames

Eviction order in Glen Cove, Coleman County, Emergency Declaration

Authorities said firefighters responded to a fire in a building in Campbell on Friday morning.

Authorities said the fire broke out around 10:40 a.m. in a vacant three-story commercial building in the Del Avenue and Knowles Drive area.

Empty building bursts into flames in Campbell

Fire officials said firefighting crews had to resort to defensive operations to try to bring the blaze under control.

“The fire will continue to burn for some time, the smoke will continue to affect the vicinity and will be visible throughout the Bay Area,” said fire brigade captain Justin Stockman.

Authorities said the building was to be demolished and no one was inside.

During the afternoon, firefighters worked to contain the fire in one of the buildings, so that the flames would not spread to neighboring buildings.

Fire officials are asking people to be vigilant and aware of the arrival of fire trucks.

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The building where the fire broke out was to be demolished.