Bob Dole, Republican Senate giant, and 1996 presidential candidate dies.

The capital’s flag was lowered to half the staff in honor of the previous council. Bob Dole, who died Sunday morning

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Joe Biden Honoring Historic Giant Bob Dole as an Important American Legacy
The coffin of former Senator Bob Dole, of Kansas, arrives at the Rotunda at the US Capitol, where he will lie in state, Thursday, December 9, 2021, in Washington.



Robert Joseph Dole, better known as Bob Dole.

Born on July 22, 1923, Pope was an American politician and attorney, who served as the Kansas office in the United States Senate from 1969 to 1996.
He was the Republican leader of this House during the last 11 years of his rule.

He served in the United States House of Representatives from 1961 to 1969.
Bob Dole was also the Republican presidential candidate in 1996. The candidate for vice president in 1976.

Bob Dole’s life spanned from her beginnings in rural Kansas to the Italian battlefields during World War II, all the way to his membership in Congress.

* Declared death (Elizabeth Dole Foundation). saying:
“It is with heavy hearts that I announce that Senator Bob Dole has died early Sunday morning in his sleep, at the age of 98, the same person who has served the United States of America with honesty and integrity for 79 years.”
– “It came in a statement about the institution, which was named after his wife, a former US Senator.
“He is a man of few words, yet he has many accomplishments.”

* Bob Dole is a strong conservative who has focused on balanced spending, attention to deficit reduction, and has not neglected foreign policy, but Dole also owes nothing to the party line during his time in Congress in which he was a representative of his state.

* Dole co-authored the various food stamp legislation in a distinctively progressive symbol, and he persuaded President “Ronald Reagan” to go ahead and proceed with the increase in taxes and also sympathized with President “Bill Clinton” for the issue of dealing with (Newt Gingrich), Speaker of the House of Representatives Who stubborn heart, in the nineties.

* Bob Dole submitted his resignation from his seat in the House (Senate) in 1996 and frankly usual from him, and the reason was that: he has nowhere to go either the White House or the house.

*Bob was politically sarcastic at times, angry at others, and had political weight over the eleven years that Dole lived as a Republican leader in the Senate.
The Washingtonian magazine called him “the Congressman with the best sense of humor.”

*But often over the years, people lose sight of all this just to remember (How did Dole refer to himself?!).

During the primaries that took place, Dole used to say, “Make no mistake, Bob Dole will be the Republican candidate.”

_ Dole said in the general election also: “Bob Dole will not veto those laws.”

— Dole also said in the first debate prepared for the election: “In my opinion, the best thing about Bob Dole ever, is that Bob Dole keeps his word.”

– Dole’s response when asked about his personal inclination from the perspective of the third person??? Saying, “Get the name.”

*Senator Bob Dole was one of the most iconic figures of the “World War II” generation in Congress.
During that time, he served in a combat division in Italy, and he sustained multiple and serious injuries, which resulted in keeping him in military hospitals for a long period (years) after the war.
Despite being denied the ability to use his right arm, he attended law school and became a state attorney general, state legislator, and U.S. Senate representative.

* Dole was a giant in the Senate,
and strong chairman of the committee in the early eighties,
Then he became the leader of the party from 1985 until 1996,
He then resigned to focus on his presidential campaign.
And he easily won the Republican nomination that year, too.
But he fought an uphill battle, losing his campaign against former President Bill Clinton,
Bob Dole was the party’s vice presidential nominee with President Gerald Ford in 1976, and he also ran for the presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988.

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