Biden snubbing family of Trevor Reed, Marine veteran held captive in Russia

Biden snubbing family of Trevor Reed

Biden snubbing family of Trevor Reed, Marine veteran held captive in Russia
Biden snubbing family of Trevor Reed, Marine veteran held captive in Russia

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President Biden declines Texas meeting with family of former US Marine imprisoned in Russia Trevor Reed
FORT WORTH — Two and a half years after their son, former Marine Trevor Reed, was sentenced to nine years in prison for assaulting a Russian police officer, Reed’s parents are demonstrating in Fort Worth to remind people of his plight.

Trevor Reed, a US Marine currently serving a sentence in a Russian prison for an alleged attack on two Moscow police officers in 2019, is reported to be “coughing up blood” and denied medical treatment for tuberculosis after killing other inmates who contracted the disease, he says. parenthood

Representative August Pfluger, R-Texas, has criticized the president over reports that he will not meet the family of Trevor Reed, a veteran who is being held by the Kremlin.

For months, we have been asking for a meeting with our president. It was sad to hear this morning that the White House denied our request to meet with President Biden tomorrow in Fort Worth.

Trevor was a Marine in the Presidential Guard during the Obama/Biden administration and part of his job was to take a bullet for Vice President Biden and his family.
Trevor takes pride in his service, as is our entire family, and Trevor fears he has been left behind.
We were hoping President Biden would see us tomorrow in Fort Worth, especially since the event is all about caring for veterans.”

US Embassy spokesman Jason B. Give Trevor the appropriate medical treatment and “best of all, release him.”

In the 32 months since Reade’s arrest, the family has vehemently denied and denied the charges against the ex-soldier, saying they were false allegations fabricated to keep the US citizen a “political bargaining chip.”

Having not heard from Reed since July, the family said in December, before sending him to labor camp:
“Although we are very proud of our son’s strength of character, we are also very concerned about his health.”

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas also joined his fellow Lone Star State in criticizing the Biden administration, saying they “should do more to free Americans held hostage in Russia.”

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President Biden met with the Reed family while in Texas on a day promoting the importance of caring for our veterans and a welcome start.”

Reed, a US Marine Corps veteran, is reported to have health problems in a Russian prison.
His parents were banned from visiting Biden as bilateral relations between Washington and Moscow continued to erode.

Biden will be in Dallas on Tuesday, but the couple said they were told there was not enough time in his schedule to visit.

The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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