Bernie Madoff’s Sister and Brother-in-Law Dead in Murder-Suicide

Bernie Madoff’s Sister Dead

Bernie Madoff’s Sister and Brother-in-Law Dead in Murder-Suicide
Bernie Madoff’s Sister and Brother-in-Law Dead in Murder-Suicide

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On Sunday, authorities announced that the sister of late fraudster Bernie Madoff and her husband had been found murdered in Florida, in what appeared to be a murder and suicide.

The sister of Bernie Madoff, the late financier behind the largest Ponzi scheme ever, dies in murder and suicide, marking the latest tragedy for the Madoff family after their epic fall from grace.

Sondra and Marvin Weiner, of Valencia Lakes, were found dead Thursday at their home west of Boynton Beach.
They were both in their eighties.

Authorities did not reveal Marvin’s name at his family’s request, but Florida media reported it. The sheriff’s office did not announce the incident until Sunday morning.

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The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said detectives were called to the elderly couple’s Boynton Beach home Thursday afternoon via a 911 call. Inside, they found Sondra Weiner, 87, and her husband, Marvin, 90, dead from gunshot wounds.

“As soon as the deputies arrived, they found an elderly woman and a man who had died of a gunshot wound,” the mayor’s office said.

Authorities confirmed that investigators from the Violent Crimes Department were investigating their deaths as murder and suicide.

It wasn’t immediately clear who killed whom, but relatives of the couple have asked authorities to protect Marvin’s name, citing Marcy’s Law, which allows relatives to protect the names of crime victims.

An investigation by Palm Beach County investigators determined that the deaths were the result of a murder and suicide, but the department did not say who used the gun.

Madoff, the mastermind of the largest Ponzi scheme in US history, died in prison last year while serving a 150-year sentence.

The eldest son of the convicted convict, Mark Madoff, killed himself two years after his father’s arrest, and his other son, Andrew Madoff, died of cancer in 2014.

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