Apple Valley collision killed two children

Apple Valley collision that killed two children
Apple Valley collision that killed two children

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Apple Valley collision that killed two children killed, A vehicle believed to have been involved in an ATV hit-and-run crash in Apple Valley that two children has been located, officials said Friday.

The California Highway Patrol said it recovered a 2021 Polaris RZR from a home in Apple Valley Thursday night.

However, no arrests were made.

CHP spokesman Jesus Rodriguez said in an email that his agency “continues to (search) for additional leads” but did not provide further details when asked.

The RZR was located at a home in the Apple Valley area Thursday evening, a KTLA official said.

CHP had previously described the car as a bright orange 2021 RZR Turbo S or Turbo S4.

The authorities did not reveal the address of the house or his home, but no arrests were made.

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The two children, 12-year-old Jacob Martinez and 11-year-old Christina Bird, were riding an all-terrain vehicle on the night of July 2 on Stoddard Wells Road when they were hit by a side-by-side vehicle, also known as a UTV.

The children were riding in the same ATV on Saturday when they were injured on Stoddard Wells Road.

Their families said the person who bumped into them did not stop and offered help.

The victims were found lying next to each other. Jacob, 12, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Christina, 11, died on Wednesday after being on life support equipment.

She suffered several broken bones and cuts in the spine.

Witnesses reportedly saw the car that hit the children turning off its lights and fleeing the area.

The families of the victims are calling for justice and demanding the person responsible for the accident to come forward.

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