Anna Delvey’s Net Worth Reveals How Much Money She Stole Before Her Arrest

Anna Delvey How Much Money She Stole

Anna Delvey’s Net Worth Reveals How Much Money She Stole  Before Her Arrest
Anna Delvey’s Net Worth Reveals How Much Money She Stole Before Her Arrest

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With viewers from all over the world watching Netflix’s Inventing Anna, it’s worth taking a look at what Anna Delvey’s fortune really looks like today – and how much it was stolen while pretending to be an heiress in New York City for years.

Anna Delphi – whose real name is Anna Sorokin – was born on January 23, 1991 in Domodedovo, Russia to a working class family.
Her father Vadim worked as a truck driver, while her mother ran a small store before becoming a housewife.

While Sorokin was Russian-born, she spent most of her upbringing in Germany after her family moved to the country when she was a teenager.

Anna Delvey How Much Money She Stole attended and graduated from a high school just outside Cologne, before leaving Germany for London to attend Central Saint Martins.

However, her studies in the UK were short-lived.

She immediately left the famous art and design school and chose to return to Germany for a while. After a short stint in Berlin, Sorokin again packed her bags and moved to Paris for a public relations internship at Purple magazine in 2013.

Later that summer, she attended New York Fashion Week before transferring to an internship at the Purples’ New York office.
Around this time, Sorokin began searching for Anna “Delphi,” a nickname she once claimed was her mother’s maiden name.

However, her parents have since said that they don’t recognize the name at all.

Who is Anna Delvey? The true story of fake socialite portrayed in Netflix’s Inventing Anna

Anna Delphi is the pseudonym used by a German woman named Anna Sorokin who moved to New York in 2013.

Under the false name, Sorokin pretended to be a wealthy German heiress to establish herself in the New York social scene.

She used the name until 2017, when the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office began investigating her for bank fraud cases.

Sorokin moved to London in 2011 to attend Central Saint Martins, but quit and returned to Germany.
She then moved to Paris to start an internship at Purple, a French fashion magazine.

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