amir locke ,Black man shot to death by Minneapolis police

amir locke Black man shot to death

amir locke ,Black man shot to death by Minneapolis police
amir locke ,Black man shot to death by Minneapolis police

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MINNEAPOLIS – A black man was shot and killed by Minneapolis police while executing a search warrant over a murder investigation.

He was wrapped in a blanket on the couch when SWAT officers entered the apartment, displaying a gun as they shouted at him to show his hands and get on the floor, police body cam video shows.

Prince Wales’ father, Prince Locke, said: “My son was executed on 2-2 of the 22nd.” “And now his dreams are destroyed.”

Family ‘flabbergasted’ by killing of Amir Locke

The fatal shooting brings more scrutiny into the use of no-strike orders and highlights a police department that has faced criticism before.

MINNEAPOLIS–(Associated Press)–Amir Locke’s parents and lawyer said Friday that the 22-year-old black man was “executed” by the Minneapolis SWAT team in Minneapolis that woke him from a deep sleep, and that he arrived confused.

A legal firearm to protect oneself.

A body camera video released by police on Thursday night shows the footage in slow motion and at normal speed.

It shows an officer using a key to open the door and entry, followed by at least four officers in uniform and flak jackets, stamped with a time stamp at approximately 6:48 a.m.

And upon entering, they repeatedly shouted, “Police, search warrant!” As they shout “Hands!” and “Go on the floor!”

Attorneys say he wasn’t the target

The video shows an officer kicking a sectional sofa, and Locke, who was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, begins to move, holding a gun. You hear three shots and the video ends.

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Emir Locke’s parents spoke at a news conference organized by civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who said Locke’s family was “astonished by the fact that Emir was murdered in this way.”
He was disgusted with the way the raid on Wednesday morning took place.

They said he was law-abiding, had no criminal record, and had a permit to carry a gun.

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