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american airlines flight attendant

american airlines flight attendant tries hit a passenger trying to open plane
american airlines flight attendant tries hit a passenger trying to open plane

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An American Airlines passenger tries to open the door of the plane, the flight attendant hits him with a coffee pot
An American Airlines plane has been diverted to Kansas City, Missouri.
When a large, unruly passenger tried to force open the door before his head was punched by a coffee jug, he was punched in the jaw, zipper and duct tape, according to the British Guardian newspaper.
A federal affidavit was issued on Monday.

An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. had to land in Kansas City, Missouri, due to “a rowdy passenger who exhibited strange behavior,” according to the airline.

The accident occurred Sunday afternoon on American Airlines Flight 1775, which was en route from Los Angeles to Washington.
The plane landed safely at Kansas City International Airport and suspect Juan Remberto Rivas, 50, has been arrested.

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On Monday, Rivas was charged with one count of interfering with a flight attendant.
The US Attorney’s office in Kansas City said in a press release that the hearing is pending but no date has yet been set.
It was not immediately clear if Rivas had a lawyer.

Allegedly, Rivas was causing a disturbance and walked into the cockpit area, took silver plastic utensils and grabbed them “like a leg”.
The affidavit said he then grabbed a small champagne bottle by his neck and tried to break it on the table, before kicking the service cart and pushing it to a flight attendant.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants said on Twitter that the passenger attempted to open a front door for passengers and flagged “another serious, life-threatening incident” on an aircraft. She added that the passengers subdued the injured person before the plane landed.

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