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Alpo Martinez, the notorious drug lord-turned-federal witness, was assassinated early Sunday in Harlem.

Alpo Martinez

The end that Alpo Martinez got, the drug dealer

Albo Martinez was born in East Harlem, New York, in June 1966. He attended the Sarat Mechanical High School, then Julia Richmond II. He did not complete the study there, so he left it after the second year.

Alpo Martinez started selling drugs at the age of 13 in Harlem.
Alpo Martinez moved to Washington to expand his drug sales.
Thus, he became one of the largest cocaine and drug dealers in the region between New York and Washington.
He was arrested1991 on 14 counts of murder and drug trafficking, he was released in 2015 after his sentence was 35 years, but he was released under the banner of the (witness protection) program in the United States.

The murder occurred on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Alpo Martinez, 55, was killed by several bullets in the chest, arm, and face, while he was driving on West 147th Street. The police went to the scene after receiving alerts of gunshots.
Alpo Martinez man’s death was announced as soon as he was connected to the hospital,He had an ID card in his name, Abraham Rodriguez.

His character has been immortalized in:
*Paid in Full movies
* Popperazzi Po “Alpo”
* 50 Cent “Ghetto Qu’ran.”
* and others in hip hop songs…

In the end, don’t forget to say goodbye Martinez

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