Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ wife arrested Christmas Eve in Austin

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
The wife of right-wing conspiracy hawker Alex Jones was arrested on Christmas Eve in Austi     Rapper Kay Flock has been arrested

Travis County sheriff’s deputies arrested and booked Erika Wulff Jones ,Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ wife, 43, in county jail about 8:45 p.m.
Friday, Christmas Eve in Austin .

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ wife

On Christmas Eve, the wife of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested on charges of domestic violence,

and misdemeanor assault charges as well as causing bodily injury to a family member, which consists of a father, mother and their child.

Based on this: the right instigator Alex said, that this was arrested due to a “pharmacological imbalance”.

As Jones explained to the outlet during a short interview, “This private family affair happened on Christmas Eve.”

Jones praised: “I love, support and care for my wife, but there seems to be some kind of pharmacological imbalance.”

Court records in Austin also show that in the arrest warrant.

this wife is already facing charges of misdemeanor physical assault of a family member, and Alex Jones’s wife is facing resistance to arrest or search.

Jones also added, that his wife’s arrest is far from his policies.

and that it’s not about some kind of personal hate or anything like that.

Also, we make it clear that the Travis County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to a request to report the arrest of Wolff Jones.

and the spokeswoman was unable to provide any information either.

Nor did Wolff-Jones’ attorneys immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jones went to court, and the Associated Press reported that a bond for Wolf Jones had not yet been determined, as of Christmas Day.

However, Alex Jones’ detained wife was no longer listed in prison records until early Sunday.
“It is not clear whether she was actually released or not.”

No additional information is available.

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