after Hell Week test, Navy says SEAL candidate dies

after Hell Week test

after Hell Week test, Navy says SEAL candidate dies
after Hell Week test, Navy says SEAL candidate dies

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Navy says 1 SEAL candidate dead, another hospitalized, after Hell Week test

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 (AFP) – A US Navy candidate and a second in hospital died of illness just hours after they successfully completed the Hell Week test that ends the first phase of evaluation and selection for Navy commandos, the Navy said. Satorda.

The Navy said both of them developed symptoms after testing and were rushed to a hospital in California.

SEAL|after Hell Week test

The SEAL program tests physical and psychological strength along with water efficiency and leadership skills.

The program is so stressful that at least 50% to 60% do not make it through Hell Week, when candidates are pushed to the limit.

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The Navy said no one had an unusual accident during the five-and-a-half days of Hell Week testing.

The test is part of the SEALs BUD/S class, which includes basic underwater destruction, survival, and other combat tactics.

It comes in the fourth week where SEAL candidates are assessed .

and hope to be selected for training in the Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command.

One candidate died at Sharp Coronado Hospital in Coronado, California, on Friday.
The other was in stable condition at Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

The Navy said the cause of death was not immediately known and is still under investigation.

The sailor’s name was withheld until 24 hours after his family was notified, according to Navy policy.

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