A horrific event at Oxford High School leads to the closure of the school

3 students were killed and 5 injured, in addition to the injury of a teacher as a result of a horrific event at Oxford High School in Michigan.
The suspect is in custody, a 15-year-old second-year student from the same school.

It was extremely terrifying that you greet your children to go to their school with peace of mind, and send you the best person who will be harmed as a result of this horrific event. Whether you receive the news of his death, or you go to the hospital and find you lying on a bed receiving treatment instead of receiving lessons.

Some of the medical officials at the scene of the horrific accident, on November 30, 2021 at Oxford High School.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael McCabe said that this afternoon around 12:51 a.m., he received more than 100 911 calls about the horrific event of a shooting on campus.
Representatives rushed to the site of the horrific accident, but unfortunately 10 people were already shot, which resulted in the injury of 6 students, including a teacher, and 3 students were killed.
They arrested the suspect, a 15-year-old high school student.

The student did not resist during his arrest. But he insisted on receiving a lawyer to defend him, and also insisted on his right to remain silent and not to disclose the causes of the horrific accident.

We mourn with great sadness the loss of three students at the beginning of their youth and prosperity in that life, as a result of the absurdities of their peers like the suspect.
We also share the families of the injured in this horrific crisis and the shocking news of the tense health of their children, and indeed their spirit, represented by a student aged between 14 and 15 years.
And let us not forget the teacher, who goes every day to deliver a sublime message with passion and love, and instead of being rewarded for his diligence and dedication to work, he found himself in a hospital among a lot of white due to the damage inflicted on him after this horrific accident.

The suspect is a 15-year-old in his second year of school and has invoked his right to remain silent.

In front of Oxford High School 11/30/2021 after the horrific accident

The suspect (the student) fired several shots, between 15 and 20 before his arrest.

While the students heard the gunshots, some of them panicked, hid and ran, and some of them did not think that he was in trouble, but rather thought that he was training for shooting inside the school.
for example :

Student: Isabel Flores, 15, said when during the horrific event they heard gunshots, saw another student bleeding from his face and then ran to the back of the school.

Another student, known as Savannah, said that all he had in mind was the school doing things like group training and that it was nothing to worry about as they certainly knew what to do.

Students from the high school the site of the horrific accident were sent to the Meijer car park. Dozens of ambulances and emergency vehicles also arrived to cover the aftermath of the tragic accident.

This incident is urgent, it happened a few hours ago, so please check the article again to inform you of everything new.


Ethan Crumpley’s parents

New news on the suspect:

*- Oakland County Executive David Coulter said…
The suspected student is being held in an Oakland County village (a juvenile detention facility).

*- McCabe said he could be charged as an adult and not as a child, but the whole matter is up to the Oakland County District Attorney’s Office.

*- In detention, he is subject to continuous monitoring every 15 minutes for fear of contemplating suicide.
*- Among the most horrific of what was said: the cameras showed that the suspect in this horrific event:
He was shooting at close range of innocent students, and he was hunting for the heart or the brain, something very brutal and cold.

*- Unfortunately, the motive of the suspected student is not known, as Michigan law prohibits the police from speaking without parental permission.

However, some of his activities and writings were monitored on the communication sites, which show some of his ideas to some extent, as Bouchard stated, Wednesday 12/1.

What we know about the victims:. Crumbley mugshot. The victims

Investigators identified the victims of the tragic accident, who died
They are Madison Baldwin, 17 years old,
And Tate Meyer, 16 years old,
and Hannah St. Juliana, 14 years old,
and Justin Schilling, 17 years old.
who died of severe injuries.
*- Among the wounded was a girl who was using a respirator after surgery.
A 14-year-old student was also shot in the jaw and head, and other students are in a critical condition. We wish everyone a speedy recovery and an end to the number of innocent deaths.
The teacher, who was injured, recovered and was discharged from the hospital, along with the rest of the students, who were slightly injured.

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