10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad

10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad From Drowning By Using CPR
10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad From Drowning By Using CPR

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On June 14, 10-year-old twin brothers Brydon Hassig and Christian Hassig were spending time together in the pool with their father Brad Hassig and their 11-year-old neighbor, Sam Ebert, when the unthinkable happened.

An Alabama dad is counting his blessings after his twin sons’ quick thinking helped save his life last month.

Brad Hassig has been practicing underwater meditation in his home pool, something he said he’s done many times before.

“It was a typical afternoon – we had music on the speakers and I did scuba to relax,” Brad told Today’s June 30 newspaper.

I wasn’t pushing myself or trying to be a Marine.”

Moments after Brad drowned underwater at the five-foot-high end of the pool, he lost consciousness.

Brydon and Sam noticed he had fallen to the ground and alerted Christian, who put on his goggles and dived underwater.

“Christian said I was next to me shaking and my head was turning blue,” Brad recalls.

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“He shouted for Brydon and Sam to jump, and he grabbed both of them by the shoulders and pulled me up the ladder.”

A neighbor, a cardiologist, heard the sirens and ran into Brad’s backyard, dragging his body from the pool steps to the deck.

When Brad regained consciousness, he coughed up blood, foam, and water. Today he said he heard Christian next to him pleading, “Papa is back. You’ll be fine.”

The incident caused Brad to vow never to exercise underwater again or swim alone.

Hassig and his sons experience begs another close call recently when synchronized swimmer Anita Alvarez lost consciousness during competition and was forced to drag her to the surface by coach Andrea Fuentes.

Since the accident, Hassig has told others to never swim alone, and the family has urged people to learn how to perform CPR.

They are planning a local, community-wide CPR event for children and adults to get the right training.


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