1 Dead After Shooting In Modesto
1 Dead After Shooting In Modesto

South African tavern shooting, 14 dead and 9 injured

MODESTO — 1 Dead After Shooting In Modesto, Sunday.

The Modesto Police Department says the shooting took place in a neighborhood on the north side of the city.

Crews at the scene have a closed area near the intersection of Debbie Lane and Rumble Road.

Police say officers are communicating with a suspect who has not yet been arrested.

No information was released about the victim.

Special Weapons and Tactics teams met with the Modesto Police Department and Stanislaus County Police Department at the intersection of Debbie Lane and Dalton Way.

Modesto Police Lt. Felton Payne confirmed the victim’s death.

Information regarding the victim’s identity, age or gender was not immediately available, nor were the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The neighborhood off Rumble Road west of Tully Road is closed.

Authorities evacuated nearby homes and instructed other residents nearby to stay indoors.

An armored vehicle has been set up in the area, and the police are asking the suspect to bugle out.

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